A DOCTOR WHO LISTENS AND HEARS YOU. A doctor who teaches you how your body works and heals.

Treatment - immediately and no waiting months or years. Health without drugs. When the medical system ran its course

of treatment (6months), I was left walking with a cane and consuming drugs, which were debilitating. I could not work.

Within weeks of beginning chiropractic care, I was walking (without a cane), progressively functional in all aspects of my life.

I returned to work. Chiropractic care gave me my life back!

No drugs, no aids!
Kristine, Patient of 20+ years

I am convinced through visits to other chiropractors that the Shulman's are SIMPLY THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS.

From courteous office staff, to the expert adjustments with great attention to detail and concerns for the patients well being.

This is the place to come for chiropractic care, above all.

Chris O'Grady

I grew up with pain throughout my joints. Eventually my family doctor realized it stemmed from flat feet. He recommended wearing arches

and that stopped me waking up at night from pain at least. Dr. Ali got me custom foot orthotics and when she heard about the baseline pain and discomfort I experienced she said ‘Cara you don’t have to feel like this’.

I NEVER THOUGHT THE PAIN COULD GO AWAY but now with regular chiropractic care the only time I ache is when I actually get injured. I’m so relieved.    


WELCOMING, SUPPORTIVE, FRIENDLY-I always feel energized after a treatment. I have been having treatments with Lorne for

some 20 years and now with daughter Dr. Ali. I totally love it and them- heartfelt hugs to both-CHIROPRACTIC-AN AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS.

Silvia F.

My experience at QUEEN ST CHIROPRACTIC HAS BEEN NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING. Their friendly staff and outstanding

chiropractor have made my treatment experience go as smooth as could be.

I highly recommend Queen St. Chiro. 

Zachary Bilous

When I started going to Dr. Ali Houde-Shulman I just hoped that It would be able to relieve the lower back pain that I had been dealing with for over a year. I was skeptical that it would actually help but was willing to try anything to decrease the pain.

I have been shocked to see the difference my chiropractor visits have made on my whole body. I no longer suffer from chronic lower



For years, I have had a bad Back and knees.  It would appear that each subsequent year the pain would come back and last for a longer

period of time. I finally decided to go see my wife’s chiropractor, Dr. Ali. It was the right decision the pain has subsided and with a regular treatment regimen, I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO A LONGER, HEALTHIER LIFE.    


I have been coming to a chiropractor for many years. I fell off a 7Ft. ladder and if I had not been coming I know I would have been hurt more. Coming here has kept my body from totally breaking down. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER AFTER AN ADJUSTMENT.


I WOULD NOT BE WALKING TODAY. I have been a patient of Dr. Shulman since 2000. I see Dr. Shulman once a week for a back adjustment with success most of the times and years ago my left leg and knee would not bend. Dr. Shulman and I worked hard on knee problems. The result is that the left leg and knee bend well now, and right ankle had severe pain for eleven years, but now is ok.

A few years ago I started suffering from back pain. It got worse everyday, so much so that I couldn’t walk for long. I couldn’t go to work or do household chores. A friend recommended me to her chiropractor, Dr. Houde. I tried it and she made me feel better and gave me clues about taking care of myself. I felt much better after a while. From then on, I still use the services at Queen Street Chiropractic. Dr. Ali is very DEDICATED TO HER PATIENTS and I can always get an appointment.

Gaitree O.

I’ve been coming to the Doctors for more years than I can remember.  I first came as a result of an accident and Dr. Marie GOT ME MOVING AGAIN (and incidentally got rid of back pain that has bothered me every morning for years). Since then she and Drs. Lorne and Ali have treated my various aches and have managed to KEEP ME ACTIVE INTO MY 9TH DECADE.

                        I’ve been here for roughly 40 years. I USED TO HAVE A BAD BACK.’NUFF SAID!                      


EVERY TIME I GET BENT OUT OF SHAPE chiropractic treatment has straightened me out almost immediately!

One time I suffered for 2 weeks with severe sciatica pain because I was out of country on holiday. When I returned home and came for a treatment I experienced immediate relief! Having regular adjustments is a way to keep aligned physically, mentally and emotionally.

Marsha Gormley


HAVING REGULAR ADJUSTMENTS HELP ME TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE WORKING and to deal with the everyday struggles in dealing with family issues. My headaches are few and far between now and that is a huge relief! I have seen amazing results with Dr. Ali.

The quality of the clinic and patient care is second to none


I have been coming to the Chiropractor for 20 years and I am pain free now and my back is in good health. I CAN NOW WALK WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE and I owe it to the good help I received at the clinic. Thank you for all you did for me.

I HAVE SOUGHT CHIROPRACTIC CARE WITH SEVEN DIFFERENT PRACTITIONERS over the past five years. The care I've received as a patient of Dr. Shulman's has by far been the most beneficial. He incorporates all health aspects into care, and genuinely cares about my health and wellness, as a doctor should! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Elizabeth Nolan

Started early in the 1990's, EXPERIENCED PEOPLE WHO TRULY LOVE AND CARE. I may have been in a wheelchair by now.
Connie Wilson

FOR OVER 20 YEARS DR SHULMAN HAS BEEN MY PRIMARY CARE GIVER. In the beginning a chronic and lifelong S.I. joint had reduced the quality of my life so much that I could not walk to the corner store. With 2 little children I was at my wits end as to how to live without constant pain and without pain killers. I have always been an athletic and active person but now my quality of life was suffering. As the years went on and more children came, and I became a fulltime yoga instructor and therapist, Dr.Shulman's care has been a constant source of support for me. Now in my early 50's with 3 young adults, a thriving Yoga Studio and a nagging spinal scoliosis, I am active, strong and capable of maintaining my life style with Dr.Shulman's ongoing care. My S.I joint issue has disappeared. It is not just the care of my spine, through skillful techniques beyond the adjustment, with thoughtfulness and a deep interest in providing what each patient needs, DR SHULMAN IS A TOUCH STONE FOR ME in the ever changing tumultuous nature of everyday life. His care and concern for each patient is evidenced in his knowledge of each person. His passion for chiropractic is illustrated in his willingness to share the wisdom and philosophy behind the practice. I am truly grateful to have his ongoing support in my life.
Perri Van Rossem ,

Owner of Yoga with Perri

THE APPOINTMENT WITH THE NEUROSURGEON WAS LINED UP , THE PERCOCET WAS NOT TOUCHING THE PAIN, and friends recommended Lorne. It's been 4 years now since my horrible experience with a pinched nerve in my neck and no reoccurrence.

Never felt better!

Thanks Dr. Shulman


CHIROPRACTIC HELPS ME WITH MY JOY OF LIFE. I would not miss my twice monthly visits!  Thanks for asking- I look forward to another 30 years of great health.


FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE, great service, and always greeted with a smile. I'd recommend Dr. Shulman to anyone and everyone!

William Ryan Morrow

Chiropractic has kept my lower back pain well controlled, also EARLY MORNING LETS ME GET TO WORK ON TIME.


I HAVE BEEN SEEING DR SHULMAN AND DR HOUDE (WHILE SHE WAS ADJUSTING) SINCE THEY FIRST OPENED a practice in Kingston. Dr. Shulman has seen me through a very difficult and painful period, where I slipped 4 discs. Not only did he provide superb chiropractic treatment, but also he helped me stay positive about healing. I have a great deal of faith in Dr. Shulman's skills. Kelly is a very pleasant, friendly receptionist. I feel that I am able to stay active because of my care here.
Suzanne Loewen

The fact that Dr. Ali was raised in a chiropractic family has given her KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE BEYOND HER YEARS.  Being qualified in activator technique and manual techniques allows her to offer the patients so much more. Mostly she cares and she can adjust with precise expertise. I get my adjustment twice a week at her office and it makes a big difference in my ability to cope

with my health challenges. I AM VERY PROUD OF MY HUSBAND He is the only "advanced certified activator doctor"

between Toronto and Montreal. Never too old to learn and be the best!

His patients are very lucky!
Dr. Marie Houde

CHIROPRACTIC HAS MADE A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE. I suffered from back and neck pain. I am now retired and

enjoying a healthy active one.
Nancy Cheesman


and for the first time in 3 years the pain was gone and I had no trouble sleeping and did not wake up in the night in discomfort. I suffered from repetitive sprain injury neck shoulders, back.


REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC HAS IMPROVED MY HEALTH. I am taller at 60 than I was at 40. I can move more feely and am pain free

as long as I keep up the treatment.

LORNE HAS BEEN A LIFE SAVER. When I came to Lorne 9 years ago, I was in terrible pain. I am able to work and be pain free by only getting an adjustment once a month.

Thank you Lorne.

At the age of 70, I AM LIVING A FULL AND ACTIVE LIFE BECAUSE OF CHIROPRACTIC CARE I have received at Queen Street Chiropractic for the past 20 years.

COUNTLESS TRIPS TO OTTAWA and months of Physio Therapy left me with no relief of my TMJ PAIN. One mention to Dr. Shulman during one of my visits for back pain and my Jaw Treatments began. I have found more results with chiropractic treatment of my TMJ than years of other avenues. I had given up hope. After a few weeks my Jaw has improved beyond anything I could have hoped for.
Pamela C.

IF I WASN'T GETTING MY ADJUSTMENTS every two weeks on my right hip and vertebrae, between my shoulder blades, I would be having a hard time walking and even worse time breathing.

I SPENT YEARS TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT MY ISSUES WERE in order to maintain my activity level without pain, without success, until I saw Dr. Shulman. After that it was great at how I am able to do all I want without pain. I highly recommend

Dr. Shulman to anyone who is active and wants to feel great.

I have been coming to Dr. Shulman for 3 months. My back and neck do not hurt as much, and MY POSTURE IS BETTER.

Thanks Dr.Shulman.

TO HAVE PAIN RELIEF WITHOUT USING MEDICATION IS WONDERFUL. Chiropractic care has made such a difference in my life

by helping me to do activities in a way that is safer and better for me. How to treat any pain that arises and keeping my spine and

joints aligned, and working well!

Been a patient of Dr. Shulman's for 20-years. HE KEPT ME WORKING, adjusting my back, no problems since. In the past for years he's been working on my shoulders and he's the only reason I am moving.I can come in early in the morning, so I can get to work on time!

Wesley James Jackson

Dr. Shulman and Kelly are always so pleasant; IT MAKES A NICE END TO MY DAY. The adjustments have restored my quality of life.

I have been seeing Dr. Shulman for over 3 years. Regular maintenance and adjustments keeps me aligned and functioning. When I come in 'broken' or hurting, he can help put me back together. I HAVE BEEN MORE MOBILE IN THE LAST YEAR than I have in a long time.

I feel totally at ease in the care of such a kind and compassionate man.
J. Yurick

After many years of not taking care of my health, I started having back pain along with headaches and muscle pain. While taking care of my newborn baby, I spent so much time lifting and carrying, the pain became unbearable. I started having adjustments, and WITHIN WEEKS HAD AMAZING RELIEF. With regular chiropractic care, I've become much more mobile and adopted a healthier lifestyle. I am so happy with the care and help I've received from Dr. Shulman (and Kelly is so kind and helpful).

THE BEST! My adjustments have helped me move and feel so well. Thank you Dr. Shulman

Joanna S.

FROM THE TIME I WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR I FEEL like I am with friends. From the 'always happy to see you' Kelly, to Dr. Shulman

I feel great. Dr Shulman treats you like he really cares about you and not just your money. My last chiropractor was the type to get you in and out, just the same thing each week like he didn't care. Dr. Shulman takes the time to really make sure you are getting your best and I am so happy to be part of his family.

A GOOD DOCTOR... good results

I have been a regular patient for many years. Regular CHIROPRACTIC HAS IMPROVED MY HEALTH . Dr. Houde and Dr Shulman have always made time when I have needed it. They always listen to your concerns. Thanks!

EXCELLENT WORK, keeps me vertical and Id recommend him to everyone.
Ken Barrie

I LIKE COMING HERE. I enjoy the company and the friendly people that you meet. Kelly is very friendly and helpful and Lorne is a help

for my back and arm.